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Why nuuly clothing rental is my latest obsession + 6 outfit ideas to get you started

You know that feeling of giddiness you get when you know a package is on its way full of new clothes to try on? I'm sure I'm not alone when I say COVID made me a very good online shopper. But, I have also realized I'm the type of person who wears something obsessively for about 4 weeks and then is ready for something new.

Cue nuuly. My friends Leah and Sarah had been raving about it, and after months of coveting their seemingly ever-expanding wardrobes I had to give it a try for myself. For $88 a month you get to try 6 items of your choosing (you can add more on for a fee of $20/piece). If you love something after the 30 days, you can purchase it at a discount (the sale price depends on how many times it has been worn - I've received items with the tag still on!). If you wear it for a month and feel like you're over it, you can send it back. You can also pause the subscription at any time.

For me, clothing rental has been great for more trendy pieces - ie, those checker pants that I may regret spending $200 on next season. Also denim - they carry my all time favorite denim brand Agolde - and with nuuly I'm able to try different styles on, see how they feel and fit, and then if I love them buy them at the discounted price. nuuly has also been great for trips back to the mainland - now I don't have to purchase expensive coats and winter wear for a week back to California for the holidays, or dresses for weddings that I'll likely only wear once or twice.

Any downsides? I'd say you need to be okay with a bit of a hunt - when I first went on the site, I didn't initially find a ton of pieces that I was feeling "wowed" by. But after hunkering down and searching the site on a rainy Friday night, I now have a closet full of cute "saves" in my closet waiting to be worn!

You also need to know your body - unfortunately if something doesn't fit, you can't exchange it right away for a different size - you have to wait until the next month to try a different size or something else. That being said, in my experience about 5/6 items are usually a winner!

Interested in trying nuuly? Use my link for $10 off your first month's subscription:

Check out 6 outfit ideas below to get your closet started!

*Note - this post was not sponsored, I just wanted to share this service with you all!

nuuly round upoutfits
6 outfit ideas to get you started on nuuly cothing rental

nuuly clothing outfits
6 outfit ideas to get you started on nuuly cothing rental

nuuly clothing outfits
6 outfit ideas to get you started on nuuly cothing rental


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