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From full furnishing projects, selecting hard surfaces and fixtures, or full scale renovations, our interior design services will transform your space into a true home.


Interior design is visual storytelling. In your home, that story is yours. We partner with clients to identify what they want and need for their home to be an ideal environment. Together, we discover what colors, styles, and design elements resonate with their lifestyle.


This information paired with our expertise culminates in a plan for a modern, unexpected, and inviting home. We focus on the details, so you can spend more time doing what you love. The end result is a home that is sophisticated and refined, with a heavy dose of character that fills your soul. 


Our full interior design service is perfect for larger scale projects including new builds, remodels and full furnishing. Whether you're tackling an entire home or just a single room - we'll partner with you and your building team to bring your dream project to life.

This white glove service includes design development, project management, design plans and construction documentation, site visits, furniture procurement, and on hands installation. Our end to end project management means you can enjoy the design process, rather than worry about the tedious details.

Custom proposal based on scope


For clients outside of the Hawaiian Islands or for those who are open to take on more of the heavy lifting of project management, we offer our distance design services - a similar process to our full service design without on site project management and site visits.

All communication for projects will be done via email, phone or FaceTime.

Custom proposal based on scope.



We created our design consultation services as a more flexible and cost effective approach - perfect for projects that just need a review from a professional. Whether your questions are about paint colors, room layouts, or material selections, we'll help you consolidate your ideas into something cohesive and you'll walk away with confidence and a game plan - ready to execute your project!

Design consultations are done virtually via Zoom, however, for clients on Kauai we offer in-person consultation services as well.


60 minute virtual design consultation: $400

60 minute in-person design consultation (Kauai only): $400

3 hour in-person consultation (Kauai only): $1,000

Additional travel fee of $100 will apply for projects outside of North Shore.

Christina Higham _ Sun Soul Style Interiors _ Kauai Interior Designer



Do you work with clients remotely? 

Yes - we offer distance design services or virtual consultations for clients who do not live in Hawaii. 

How do I know which service is right for me? 

In order to identify which service would be best for your project, you should consider the project location, time frame, size and scope, budget and level of involvement. Review our services to understand the key differences in more depth to determine how we can best serve your project needs. 

Will you recommend trades or do I need to find my own?

If your project is on Kauai we can recommend trades for your project. If your project is outside of Kauai, we will help guide you in your process of finding the appropriate team for your project - arming you with the right questions to ask and information to gather in order to make the best decision.  That being said, all Clients are responsible for interviewing and hiring their project’s Contractor and Architect independently from our firm.

How much do your services cost?

We offer Full Service Design, Distance Design as well as Consultation Services - each with its own pricing structure. Our Consultation Services are offered at a flat rate and are designed for those who have a smaller budget, and / or have a project they would just like a designer's eyes on.  For Full Service Interior Design and Remote Design we charge an hourly rate that varies depending on the project’s scope. Once we receive your project details, we will provide a custom proposal in which we will provide a low and a high estimate based on your project's scope. 

I don't have a large budget - can we work together?

For smaller budgets we recommend booking one of our Consultation Services, or considering our Distance Design Service which is great for those willing to take on more of the heavy lifting when it comes to project management. 

Do I have to be on site during the design project?

You can be on site as much or as little as you'd like. We have completed vacation rental properties where the owners never step foot on the property until the final installation day. 


Do you travel?

Yes! While we typically recommend our Distance Design Service for projects outside of Hawaii, we are available to travel to your project to create a more full service, white glove experience for remote projects. 

Will I have input on the design?

Yes!  During the Discovery Phase of each project, we send a detailed client questionnaire to better understand your lifestyle and preferences. In addition, we review any inspiration or Pinterest boards you have created to inform our Design Concept. There will also be multiple opportunities for client feedback following the presentation of the Design Concept as well as the Design Presentation. 

How long will my project take?

Project timelines are entirely dependent on the complexity of the project and the scope of work.  Furnishing projects can take as little as 4-8 months from start to finish.  New build projects can take anywhere from 1-3 years to complete depending on level of detail and size of home, as well as builders schedules. 

" Old victorians in San Francisco are notoriously outdated, but when my partner and I bought our first home, Christina was immediately able to envision what it would be once she got her hands on it – fresh, modern, and young-feeling, while still highlighting the historic character. Christina immediately "got it," and morphed into an extension of my personal style. She produced a design that showcases her incredible talent, but most importantly, still feels like us.”
Caitlin O. San Francisco, CA
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