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Tangled Up In Blue

Cobalt blue may be having a moment - in both interiors and fashion - but the hue has a rich history. Cobalt is silvery-blue metal in its raw form, and was used in Chinese porcelain and Babylon ceramic glazes because of the vibrant color created when fired. Throughout art history, blue was considered a color for divinity and royalty - from the tombs of Egyptian Pharaohs to paintings of the Virgin Mary cloaked in a blue robe - establishing the color as representative of the spiritual and metaphysical.

Mask of King Tut

French artist Yves Klein altered the course of Western art with his monochromatic blue paintings, ultimately registering the cobalt hue International Klein Blue (IKB).

Yves Klein's "Le Buffle" Photo: Nathan King/Alamy.

I love seeing how different designers are weaving it into spaces - whether it's through tile, paint, or a small accessory like a light fixture (as seen in our Harrison St project). It's a fun way to bring a bold pop of color, yet it feels timeless as opposed to trendy. Check out some of my favorite interior applications below - I hope you'll be inspired to bring this hue into your home or wardrobe!

via plum living

Kennedy Nolan Architects. Photography Derek Swalwell

Design: Sun Soul Style Interiors // Styling: Fiorita Grant Studio // Photography: Sen Creative

Ace Hotel Kyoto. Designed by Kengo Kuma at Commune

Hearth Architecture. Photography by Lauren Bamford & Emily Weaving

Design: Sun Soul Style Interiors // Styling: California Casa // Photography: Sen Creative

Tim Peeters Architecture

Designed by Halleroed. Photography by Erik Undéhn

Design: Sun Soul Style Interiors // Styling: California Casa // Photography: Sen Creative

From Top: Cobalt Pillow // Mansur Gavriel Bag // Parachute Vintage Linen Bedcover // Blue Chair // Woodblock Print // Checker Utensil Holder // Maiami Mohair Cardigan // HK Living Blue Lamp // Mother Denim Ultramarine Jeans // Ferm Living Vase //Clare V Oui Tee // Alma Robe // Deep Black Dinner Bowl // Cobalt Faucet // Maison Balzac Cobalt Carafe

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