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Design Quandary Solved: How To Do Beachy Without Being Overly ... Beachy.

When people think "beach house" their minds often go straight to nautical themed art, faux distressing, wood paneled signage with cheesy slogans and a whole lot of blue and white ...

IMO the best beach houses are a bit more subtle in nature. They utilize natural materials like linen, jute and wood to visually remind us of the tones found at the beach without being so Mixing natural materials with collected pieces like vintage textiles, sun hats hanging on a wall, gathered shells from a day of beach combing, or a beautiful photo of the ocean creates an unfussy laid back luxury that is inherent in coastal living. It's all about balance!

Stripe vintage rug reclaimed wood coffee table beach house
beach house style reclaimed beams Ay Illuminate light

Photography by Nicole Franzen

Surf Shack home, beach style, beni ourain rug, beach house

Image via Surf Shack. Photography by Brittany Ambridge

Surf board rack, beach house, surf shack

Designed by Sun Soul Style Interiors / Photography by Julia Sperling

Jenni Kayne entry, reclaimed wood bench entry, hats hung on wall

Home of Jenni Kayne

Bohemian beach style, wicker chaise
Amber Interiors office

Designed by Amber Interiors

Malibu beach house dining room
Cane lounge chair, beach house interior design

Designed by Shanty Wijaya // Photography by Virtually Here Studios

Three Birds Renovation Dining Room, beach house design
Beach house style, beach shack, white sectional sofa, noguchi pendant living room

Beach house style, bohemian bedroom, cb2 drommen bed,  kilim rug bedroom

Designed by Sun Soul Style Interiors / Photography by Julia Sperling

Ready to bring the beach into your home? Check out the vibe below and shop some of my favorite coastal pieces.

*Note - I make a small commission when you purchase from these links. I appreciate the support!


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