Stuck At Home? Here Are 10 Ways To Update Your Space - Without Spending A Dime

I'm imagining now that you're transitioning into month 2 of quarantine (!!) the urge to redecorate is strong. Before you give into dropping that fresh paycheck on some new home goods - pause, and take a few days to spend some time "shopping your home." Have you ever gone deep into the depths of your wardrobe convinced you have nothing to wear and then unearthed an outfit so fresh and new that you're truly shocked was in there? Well that's exactly what we're going to do with your home. Most of us have some great pieces - they've just been sitting in places for too long (or maybe they're in the wrong place!). It's sort of like wearing the same thing every day - this outfit needs a refresh!

Before you get started...

Give your home a good deep clean! I'm telling amount of zhuzh-ing will be satisfying if your home is a mess!

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Sometimes there is nothing more satisfying than rearranging a room. It's easy to get comfortable (aka stuck) with a room configuration. Since we have a lot of time on our hands these days, it's the perfect time to mix things up. Move furniture around and live with it a few days - you might be surprised how different your space feels!

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Get Artsy

Take stock of all the art in your house. I'd even suggest taking it all off the walls and laying it on the ground next to each other. See if you can come up with new and different combinations, and switch art between rooms to make them feel fresh and new.

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Cut A Rug

Try switching up rugs between rooms! Changing rugs can give a space an entirely new vibe.

Be like your rugs!

Pillow Party!

Similar to your art and rugs, I'd suggest putting all of your pillows in a pile and get the creative juices flowin'. See if you can make some new and interesting combinations. I'd even suggest doing this process alongside your rugs and art to ensure your textiles and decor are speaking to one another. Some tips for mixing pillows: Start by identifying your color palette. When I'm choosing pillows I usually want them to speak other colorful anchor pieces like a rug, art or upholstery. When picking pillows to mix in, think about mixing up both scale of pattern and texture for variety and interest. Also you'll want to consider size - usually you want to layer larger pillows in the back and smaller ones in front. But honestly - there is no real formula or rules you need to follow - sometimes the best combinations come from a more organic process!

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Get In Touch With Your Inner Book Worm

Most of us have a lot of books lying around (often more than we know what to do with!). Books can be an awesome styling tool. If you don't like the color, flip them so you only see the pages - you've got yourself a neutral masterpiece!

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Alternatively you could try organizing by color for a bright book display...

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Get Your Forage Game On

On your daily walk (I hope you're getting some fresh air) bring those garden shears and forage! Long dramatic branches, fluffy pampas grass, palm fronds, flowers - the more drama the better. Best of all - it's free!

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Put Your Closet On Display

Get creative with what you put on your walls - bags, scarves and other accessories can double as cool art pieces.

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Tip Your Hat.

Same goes with hats - they can be a great styling tool and who has space to store them properly in their closet?!

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Rethink Textiles

Think outside the box with the way you use rugs and textiles - wrapping a patterned rug on a sofa or chair can give it new legs!

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I took my own advice and experimented wrapping a striped moroccan blanket on our sofa - I love how it feels like a new piece AND provides great stain protection (slightly regretting getting a white sofa!).

Or you could try draping one on the back of a headboard for a pop of pattern

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Or throw one on the wall behind a bed for a fresh take on a headboard!

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The Finishing Touch

It goes without saying ... take stock of all of your accessories. If you're anything like me you've had certain accessories in the same place for years - try removing all of them and then again, rethinking the combinations.

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I'd love to see how all of you are "shopping your home" and giving your spaces a refresh! Shoot me a DM or tag me on IG!

xx, C


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