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Our North Shore Project Featured In Modern Luxury Hawaii

Beyond excited to see our North Shore project featured in the March (print + digital) edition of Modern Luxury Hawaii!

Some of you who have followed my story may know that Daniel and I moved to Kauai about 4 years ago - and shortly after moving here I left my full time position as a designer at Sonder to focus on building Sun Soul Style Interiors. The outpouring of support and enthusiasm from the local community has truly been my biggest motivator - and to be recognized by one of our local publications means the world!

Our North Shore project was a special one - my good friends Jake and Sarah were moving into their first home together - so the task at hand was not only just furnishing a home but creating a home that felt very much like a reflection of themselves and their lifestyles.

Anytime I start working with a client, I want to get to know them a bit so we can pull details from their lives into the aesthetic of their home. Luckily,Jake and Sarah were friends of mine- so I knew a bit about them. Both of them are pretty low key - they love to travel and be outdoors and are passionate about health and fitness. They wanted a home where they could relax and unwind, and also gather and entertain friends. Sarah is a talented yoga teacher - and I noticed she had a pretty amazing crystal collection. I used the crystals as a jumping off point for the design direction - I found a beautiful watercolor painting by Jordan Nicole of High Desert Studio - the purples and pinks reminded me of Amethyst and Rose Quartz - and those are also repeated in the ceramic lamp on the dresser, by Meredith Metcalf Ceramics.

The turnaround time for this project was quick - we started this project in December 2021 and the couple wanted to be moved in by spring - and as those of us in Hawaii know - getting furniture here quickly is a feat! We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with a few local vendors on island for some custom pieces such as the wood bed frame in the primary bedroom, as well as a workroom in Los Angeles for upholstery. In addition, I sourced most of vintage pieces on a trip to the mainland, which we were able to quickly freight over. Given that we were just coming out of COVID there were a few shipping snafus - but we were able to get them into a livable place by spring and “finish up” the space as items came in through summer. 


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