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Style Inspiration: Kauai On My Mind

I spend basically all my vacation days on this beautiful little rock in the Pacific known as Kauai. My parents started taking me there as a kid and it grabbed hold of me and never let go. Kauai may be small, but every time I go she reveals something new. In a strange way, this tiny island has played a major role in shaping my identity; I spend my days yearning for it and constantly planning when I can return. When I met my fiance Daniel I was surprised to hear that he too had been going there since he was young - we now go every chance we get and our goal is to one day call this beautiful place home. A woman once told me that Kauai either invites you in your spits you out. I hope for the former.

Clockwise from top left: Marte Lounge Chair via Urban Outfitters // Marfa Pom Pom Basket via Leif Shop // Temple Scarf / Wall Hanging via Block Shop // Print via Society6// Lightning Bolt Surfboard via The Barn 808 // Bikini via Onia // Valerie Beach Tote via Shipwrecked Kauai // Hat via Janessa Leone // Kuba Pillow via CB2 // Beach Umbrella via Business and Pleasure // Adaptogenic Cookie Butter via Laka Living


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