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Island Home Tour

Photography by Julia Kathleen

Neutral bohemian beachy living room

It was so fun to finally get some shots of our Kauai home - by none other than our incredibly talented wedding photographer, Julia Kathleen! The night of our wedding, Daniel and I made a promise to each other that within one year, we would be living on Kauai. Both of us have been coming to the island with our families since we were kids, and since dating have basically spent every ounce of our time off on this little rock in the middle of the Pacific. Little did we know, a few months later our lives would be upended by a global pandemic. We were incredibly fortunate to have been able to use the time during the pandemic to reflect on our careers, our lives and our living situation, and made the decision to stay true to our word and make the big move. It felt pretty aligned that the day we woke up from completing the mandatory 14 day quarantine , also happened to also be our 1 year wedding anniversary!

We feel so fortunate to have found this incredible house on the North Shore of Kauai to rent - it has great bones and we were able to make some really impactful and renter-friendly changes such as paint, new lighting and vinyl floor stickers in the kitchen. A lot of the furniture we actually brought from our San Francisco home - it was a fun, creative challenge for me to repurpose what we had, and then add pieces here and there to give it a new personality and aesthetic in this home!

Neutral bohemian home Hawaii

Neutral beachy bohemian home Hawaii Kauai

Ay Illuminate Pendant Neutral Beachy Home on Kauai

Neutral abstract art bohemian beach house Kauai

Bohemian beachy home Hawaii Kauai

Patterned headboard beachy bohemian home Kauai Hawaii

Rattan dresser neutral beachy bohemian home Hawaii Kauai

Beach house collected bohemian natural home Kauai Hawaii

abstract art neutral bohemian beach house kauai hawaii

bohemian natural beach house kauai hawaii rattan swivel chair

Product Sources:

Living Room: Chair | Pillow | Lamp | Sofa | Coffee Table (sold out similar here) | Wall Hanging | Pouf

Dining Room: Console | Art | Dining Table | Floor Stickers | Stools (sold out similar here)| Pendant

Primary Bedroom: Bed | Nightstand (sold out similar here) | Olive Quilt (sold out similar here and here) | Stripe Linen Bedding | Art | Chair

Home Office: Desk | Rug |Chair ( vintage - similar here) | Daybed | Linen Quilt | Art

Blue Dress


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