What is eDesign?

My eDesign offer is an affordable alternative to hiring a traditional interior designer or firm.  All correspondence will be done via email and phone to create a custom room design for you based on your needs, style and budget. 

How it works

  • You complete the new project form (link at bottom of page)
  • You can expect to hear back from me between 1-2 business days  - I will have you send me inspirational images (Pinterest boards work great!), photos and dimensions of your space 

Clients will receive design concept to scale floor plan with set-up instructions and shopping list with links so purchasing can all be done online.  

What you'll receive 


  • Initial Design Concept : You'll receive an initial concept - a visual layout of all of my recommendations-  so that you can see exactly how all the pieces will look together. You'll be able to do 2 rounds of revisions to this concept- I want to make sure you're 100% happy with the result! 
  • Final Concept + To Scale Floor Plan: You'll receive your final designs, a to-scale room layout with set up instructions and a shopping list with clickable links so that you can purchase all of your items online. 

eDesign Pricing 

Full Room Design  : $300

Perfect for clients looking for a comprehensive interior design service, and are wanting everything from furniture recommendations (or how to work with existing pieces), optimizing space layout, art and lighting, plus the perfect accessories. You will be left with a roadmap to a space that reflects both your style and needs. Start the eDesign process now

Just The Finishing Touches* : Starting at $100

Need help finding the perfect pillow collection, styling a bookshelf, or sourcing a rug? I can save you the time and hassle by finding the ideal solution to finish off your space!  An example of this type of project would be a bathroom that has all its fixtures but just needs towels, bathmat, art, etc. Start the eDesign process now

*Price will reflect number of recommendations needed