So Long Twenties

I cannot believe that today I turn 30. Truth be told, I cried last night. But I"m not sure they were tears of sadness. They were in some ways tears of relief- relief that I made it through my twenties (in one piece) and all of the soul-searching, fucking up and healing it entailed. Leaving my 20s feels like I'm leaving an entire part of me behind - a part of me that I love and appreciate but am ready to let go of and see what I can become.  In honor of this milestone, here are some gems I learned along the way. xx


If it feels like a struggle don't fight it - you never have to force anything that is truly meant to be 

Hold out for that someone you don't have to hide any parts of yourself from. It's worth the wait. 

Most of the time people are too concerned with themselves to be worried about what you're doing. 

You can either deal with it now or later but you're eventually going to have to deal with it. 

Saying no is as powerful as saying yes. 

Self esteem comes from doing estimable acts. 

Perfection doesn't actually exist. 

Trust your guts -aka your intuition- its a powerful connection to the Universe and if you can tap into that and you'll be guided to whatever it is you may need. 

We're as sick as our secrets. Don't hold that shit in. 

Accept the things you cannot change. 

You're parents are awesome. Not the terrible unjust people you thought they were when you were a moody hormonal teenager. 

Sleep. It's the cure for everything.  

Everything you want is on the other side of fear. 

It's okay for there to be differing opinions and beliefs in the world.

Any time you feel like arguing ask yourself, "would I rather be right or happy?"

You can't change anyone, only yourself.


Sun Soul Style So Long Twenties