Trend I'm Into: Otomi Textiles

Shibori and mud cloth have definitely had their moment (still not sick of it over here) but I am REALLY digging all the Otomi textiles I've been seeing everywhere - a traditional embroidery technique hailing from Central Mexico featuring flowers, birds and animals reflective of the traditions and natural world of the Otomi people. I love how these textiles can add a pop of color and bold pattern into a space - best part -whether your a boho queen or skew more on the traditional side of things, they work in just about any home! 

Otomi via Sun Soul Style
Otomi Via Sun Soul Style
Otomi Via Sun Soul Style
Otomi Via Sun Soul Style
Otomi Via Sun Soul Style

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Grey Otomi "Sublime"  via St. Frank

Grey Otomi "Sublime" via St. Frank

Framed Otomi Art  via Burke Decor  

Framed Otomi Art via Burke Decor 

Teal Otomi Wallpaper via  Hygge & West

Teal Otomi Wallpaper via Hygge & West

Otomi Pendant v ia Lighting Connection

#PillowParty Of The Week

Why this works combo: although there are a ton of different prints happening here, there is consistency in color with the blues and greens. When combining pillows, you also want to think about levels - the outer pillows should be the biggest (I usually start with a 22" or 24") then the pillows should get smaller as they come toward the center

Sun Soul Style #PillowParty Of The Week

West Elm Brooklyn Leather Sofa

Pillows from left to right: Homegirl Collection Vintage Shibori Pillow Cover $86 //  St. Frank Textiles Muong Pillow II $255 // Tammy Price Mali Tribe Indigo Blues Pillow $295 // Baluku Design Shop Natural Linen Pillow $45 // Baluku Design Shop Green Linen Pillow $45 // Ballyhoo Design Vintage Indigo & Linen Pillow $295


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Beyond excited about my curated collection for MoveLoot! I thought I'd share a little design inspiration to show you how easily these awesome finds are to work into your space. 


1. Schoolhouse Envoy Swing Sconce available here // 2. Cleo Midcentury Sofa available here // 3. Midcentury Black Coffee Table available here // 4. Blue Over-Dyed Rug available here // 5. Wooden Planter Stand with Pot available here // 6. Mudcloth Pillow available here // 7. CB2 "zbase" Pillow available here // 8. Vintage Batik Pillow available here