Patterned Removable Wallpaper Round Up

Its no secret that I am a sucker for wallpaper - I've been using it in tons of projects lately. Its such a rad way to make a statement in a room, and the best part? There are tons of easy to remove choices that are great for renters and commitment phobes alike.  

When you're shopping for removable wallpaper there are two kinds to look for : 

  • Pre-pasted wallpaper can easily be removed without water or chemicals (will usually say strippable or peelable) and it my opinion is actually easier to apply than adhesive - simply spray the back of the wallpaper with water to activate the paste and apply. 
  • Self-adhesive wallpaper can be applied and reapplied easily and is usually vinyl or a polyester blend - but word to the wise often strips paint when removing if it's been on the wall for a long time! 

Also word to the wise - most companies will allow you to order a sample - I highly recommend this so you can see what it will look like in your space! 


Photography by  Carol Vaziri

Photography by Carol Vaziri

Photography by  Carol Vaziri

Photography by Carol Vaziri

Image via  Lonny

Image via Lonny

Image via My Domaine

Image via My Domaine

Photography By  Julia Sperling

Photography By Julia Sperling

Check out my favorite removable patterned wallpaper picks below! 


Patterned Removable Wallpaper Round Up Via Sun Soul Style

Top Row (Left To Right): Paper Muse Wallpaper via Wayfair // Risky Business Prismatic Wallpaper via Wayfair // Barbara Ann Wallpaper via Wallshoppe

Second Row : Waterways Wallpaper via Timothy Sue // Ashford Tropics Wallpaper via Wayfair // Risky Business 2 Removable Wallpaper via Wayfair  

Third Row: Indigo Mudcloth via Chasing Paper // Urban Chic Malachite via Wayfair // The Palms Wallpaper via Walls Need Love  

Fourth Row: Pattern Play Wallpaper via Wayfair // Quartz Wallpaper via Chasing Paper // Palm Leaf Removable Wallpaper via Etsy 

Fifth Row: Diamond Ikat Wallpaper via Spoonflower // Totem Wallpaper via Wayfair // Not So Black and White Leaves via Spoonflower

Sixth Row: Kashmir Wallpaper via Wayfair // Urban Retreat Wallpaper via Wayfair // Misty Marble via Chasing Paper

Seventh Row: Pas De Trois Wallpaper via Wayfair // Big Moon Wallpaper via Wayfair // Madison Removable Wallpaper via Urban Outfitters

Eighth Row: Retro Nouveau Wallpaper via Walls Need Love // Bloc Wallpaper via Wallshoppe // Palm Shuffle Removable Wallpaper via Wallshoppe