#PillowParty Of The Week

Why this works combo: although there are a ton of different prints happening here, there is consistency in color with the blues and greens. When combining pillows, you also want to think about levels - the outer pillows should be the biggest (I usually start with a 22" or 24") then the pillows should get smaller as they come toward the center

Sun Soul Style #PillowParty Of The Week

West Elm Brooklyn Leather Sofa

Pillows from left to right: Homegirl Collection Vintage Shibori Pillow Cover $86 //  St. Frank Textiles Muong Pillow II $255 // Tammy Price Mali Tribe Indigo Blues Pillow $295 // Baluku Design Shop Natural Linen Pillow $45 // Baluku Design Shop Green Linen Pillow $45 // Ballyhoo Design Vintage Indigo & Linen Pillow $295