Moroccan Rug Round Up


I'm sure you've seen them all over Pinterest as of late but in case you haven't noticed, Moroccan rugs have made a huge comeback in the last few years. Quick history lesson: what most call the "black and white diamond" rugs are actually born from the "Beni Ourain" rugs - these rugs originally came from the mountains of Morocco - women would weave them as a method of cover during the cold winter months - literally creating a thick fur blanket. Traditionally, the patterns on the rugs would reflect major life events such as births, weddings, fertility, femininity or religious beliefs. These rugs aren't news to the design world though - they were praised by the early modernists such as Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Charles and Ray Eames for their luxurious minimalist designs and primitivist nature. 


Berber Rug in Frank Lloyd Wright Home

Berber Rug in Frank Lloyd Wright Home



The more colorful iteration of these rugs- Azilal - are woven in the Azilal mountanous region of Moroco. 

Since the re-emergence of these rugs in the past few years with the revival of mid-century modern and bohemian decor of the 60s, many retailers are making their own iterations of this Moroccan classic. Which is great news for all of us because these babies are NOT cheap - depending on the size they can run from $1-$10k.  I love a good wool rug in any home - they compliment with midcentury, warm up a super modern space,  and are a great way to pair modern and more traditional elements a la the Parisians. Check out my Moroccan-style rug picks (at all price points!) below: 


Sun Soul Style Moroccan Rug Roundup


Row 1 (left to right) Target Aztec Fleece Area Rug $75-$206  // One Kings Lane "Wilton" Rug $119-$939 // Target Threshold Kenya Fleece Rug $29-$150// Nuloom Bridgette Shaggy Rug $329-$879 

Row 2 (left to right) Loloi Fable Rug in Indigo  $459-$1649 // One Kings Lane Janie Rug $149-$1599 // CB2 Berber Rug $359-$719 // West Elm Charm Wool Rug $159-$1063 

Row 3 (left to right) West Elm Kasbah Wool Rug $159-$1063 // Rock the Camel Azilal No. 29 $640 // Anthropologie Double Diamond Rug $128 - $1998 // Loom and Field Vintage Moroccan Ourika Rug $695

Row 4 (left to right) Rock the Camel Beni Ourain No. 309 $1200 // Zine Interiors Moroccan Rug $1949 // Sunny Home Story 45 Year Old Moroccan Rug $2500 // El Ramla Hamra 60 Year Old Beni Ourain Rug $2500