Magic Potions

Between all the coloring, salt-water, sun, top knots, curling, and straightening (basically everything fun) rapunzel-eque hair just isn't in the cards for most of us. These products are constantly stocked in my bathroom and I can personally attest to their damage-defying, ' I woke up like dis' power! 


1. Olaplex Hair Perfector Anyone who gets their hair bleached or lightened has probably heard of Olaplex - a revolutionary product that can be added to lightener or color to reduce breakage during usually harsh process. Olaplex No. 3 is a take-home product that you can use whether you get Olaplex done or not. It's not a conditioner- rather, it's a repairer- that actually rebuilds broken hair. I'm definitely an immediate gratification kind of gal, and this product shows serious results immediately. Once a week I'll shampoo, rinse, then apply No.3 to wet strands - then let it sit on my head for about 30 mins ( resist the urge to rinse earlier- you'll thank me for it!) then I rinse it out and shampoo and condition as usual. You'll be left with silky strands that could (maybe) pass for virgin locks! Available here

2. Aveda Light Elements Defining Whip I'm usually not into pastes and waxes because they tend to add a lot of weight- but this Aveda "whip" is lightweight and fluffy and perfect for post blowout hair that is need of a bit of texture and grit. I use it on my ends to create separation and definition, then flip my head over to shake the curls out a bit to get those beach-waves. Like all Aveda products it's free of any icky additives and smells divinnne. Available here.  

3. Reverie Milk Anti Frizz Treatment Truth be told, this is one of those products I bought because of the packaging - I knew the sleek black glass and minimalist design would look oh so pretty on my bathroom sink.   But after a few weeks of use I can tell you this stuff packs a serious punch and is more than just a pretty face.  With all natural ingredients like almond, olive and bergamot oil it tames frizz while repairing broken ends. I put a dime size amount on my hair post-towel dry before styling or put a tiny bit on my ends when their dry if they're looking dull. Added bonus-  you can use the excess as perfume - it smells amazing! 

 Available here - also sold in-store at David James Salon 

4. Shu Uemera Texture Wave Spray This texture spray is my JAM. I know its called Texture "Wave" but I don't think of it as a wave spray - what it's best for is recreating that effortless, tousled, post-coital look.  It's kind of a hybrid between a hair wax and dry shampoo - you spray it in your hair to get volume and texture without the weight of a traditional wax. For a volume boost I like to lift up pieces of hair from my crown and spray on the root - or you can spray on strands after using a curling iron to loosen up tight curls and get more un-done, piecey waves. Available here. 

5. Living Proof Dry Shampoo I have been a Rene Furterer dry shampoo devotee for many, many moons- but Living Proof's newest dry shampoo concoction may have my allegiances lying elsewhere. This stuff takes the concept of dry shampoo a step further to not only cover up oil but actually cleans your hair, absorbing oil, sweat, and odor so your hair doesn't just look clean but feels clean, too. It also has patented molecules (science!) that reduces surface friction on hair - which is a fancy way of saying its easy to shake out the powdery stuff and be left with a just-washed looking mane. Word to the wise- at first application it will be a little bit white and chalky - flip your head over and shake/brush through and you can even take a blowdryer to it for best results. Available here  

6. Shu Uemura Hair Mask At first I freaked out at the price-tag (around $68), but this stuff seriously lasts at least 6 months, and does NOT disappoint. After just one use you'll emerge from the shower with silky, healthy looking hair that looks like you never abused it with all that torturous heat. Sometimes I'll just use it in place of conditioner, or if I have more time, I'll comb it through and leave it in for 30 mins before rinsing. Available here