Beach House

2015 was a year full of a change, the most significant of which was moving from downtown San Francisco, where I had lived for the past 5 years to the Outer Sunset.  My boyfriend and I harrowed the rough waters of the San Francisco housing market and eventually scored an amazing place a block from the ocean- fulfilling our respective lifelong dreams of living at the beach!  This is the first time either of us have had an entire place to ourselves, which is both awesome and kind of overwhelming, especially for someone as anal and Type-A as myself (literally took me 2 months of returning and exchanging to find the "perfect" planter - as if there is such a thing!).  From a design perspective, I wanted to indulge in my love of midcentury, while adding some more bohemian-esque elements to make our space feel more eclectic and "collected." Keeping in mind that we didn't want to blow our life savings on this pad, we also got the chance to indulge our creative sensibilities with some DIY "hacks" including a floating "fauxdenza" and pillows made from textiles found on Etsy. I'm sure I'll be sharing more snaps as the process unfolds but thought I'd share the progress so far! 

Like our vibe? Get the look, below:


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